Vision and Mission


We envision a supportive, tightly-knit community of local women who come together to share a sense of sisterhood bringing out the best in each other.



Through social engagement, encouragement, support and advice, we seek to prevent and alleviate the isolation of underprivileged women in from all social and ethnic backgrounds. 

Our objectives are:

  • To promote activities to foster better understanding between people from diverse multicultural background.
  • Promote equality and diversity amongst women by advancing education and raising awareness in equality and diversity.
  • To Promote knowledge and understanding between different multifaith communities amongst women.
  • Combat the problem of anti-social behaviour and unhealthy lifestyle with a focus on women and children.
  • Promote cultural and community cohesion between Muslims women and non-Muslim communities.
  • Work in partnership with the local law enforcement bodies to tackle exclusion, discrimination, racism and any problem faced by women and children.
  • Establish a counselling and advice service for women and children.